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Custom Programming is available to personalize your DigiTel System.
To discuss your needs please call 1-631-828-1245 or email Andy@DigiTelSoftware.com.
Custom Prompts
Custom Prompts help personalize your DigiTel System.  The Custom Prompts option includes new Welcome, Work Type, and Reference prompts that will say what you choose.

For example, you may want the
Welcome Prompt to say "Welcome to XYZ Company"
Work Type Prompt to ask the user to "Enter 1 for (ER Report, Court Summation Statement, Field Report, etc.), Enter 2 for (History &  
                                                                         Physical, Legal Brief, Eyewitness Report, etc. )"
   Reference Prompt
to ask the user to "Enter a (Medical Reference Number, Client ID, Arrest Report Number, etc.)"
Custom File Naming
Custom File Naming provides dictation file names defined in the format you desire.  It's useful for applications where its desired for DigiTel's dictation files to be in a unique format to suite your transcription system or other special record keeping needs.
Extended Warranties & Service Contracts
Extended Warranties may be available for your DigiTel System.
Service Contracts may also be available to support your DigiTel System and pc maintenance needs.
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